MMSW #77 Gasoline Fuels the Fire

It's another week which means another song, and I've been wanting to do one like this for a long time, but I delayed because I didn't think the time was right. There is no "right" time to choose a song for any week.

So, let's just get right into it shall we?

This week's song is once again a little different. Not only have I been influenced to check out other bands in Europe, but Lordi also has influenced me to check out other Finnish bands/artists that are not very big out there but have a small following.

This song is by the Finnish band Naked Idol whom I discovered when I met Magnum on social media when I was getting acquainted with the Lordi fandom and started to follow musicians who were related to the band, current or former. Now I am proud to say that he's like a long-distance friend almost (maybe not a close one but someone I talk to on some social media platforms from time to time), he's a sweet and funny dude.

He is Lordi's ex-bassist who played on the Get Heavy album, and now he is the bassist of Naked Idol. Though he isn't in Lordi anymore, he still goes by the name of his cyborg character. Many times he asked me to check out his band, which I finally did when their Filthy Fairies EP was released. I do not regret it.

The EP is amazing and this is one of my favorite songs on it, the intro has a sweet bass solo that Magnum delivered perfectly, and it features Kita on the drums. (Mr. Lordi also sings on one of the other tracks which I will feature in a later edition)

Other than that, this song is amazing and something I should listen to more often, and I think this week is a nice shout-out to a band that would be unknown where I live. If Magnum sees this article, I'm sure he'd appreciate it! I am hoping for some new music from the band real soon, and if you haven't already, check out Naked Idol, well worth your time!



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